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Update May 3, 2018: Joceline Berrios qualified for the November ballot as an independent, “No Party Affiliation” (NPA) candidate for US Congress, House of Representatives for Florida District 4 (Duval, St. John’s, and Nassau counties.) Here is her statement:

“I filed NPA because last June when I registered to vote in Florida, Trump’s Voter Fraud commission was targeting voters with Latino last names to purge from voter rolls due to his claim that millions of illegals had voted in 2016. Since I had never thought I would run for office and thought I would be disenfranchised, I figured the GOP would not purge fellow Republicans. So I registered Republican. Once the commission was ended, I re-registered as Democrat, but the Oath I had to sign to get on the ballot states I could not register as a party affiliated candidate if I had registered as another party within 365 days of the election qualifying period.”

Ms. Berrios states that this does not change her commitment to serve “We the People,” and put COUNTRY OVER PARTY to promote progressive causes.