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Vote Now with Your Wallet

Why wait until November to vote them out? Your campaign contribution now helps us build the blue wave to fight against corrupt politicians and defend our democracy today.


This year is critical to vote for Democratic Party candidates to restore our democracy!

A year ago I was in a public school classroom in Sacramento teaching first graders how to read and write.  The GOP administration’s assault on our democracy and American values alarmed me so much that I sold my home and nearly everything I owned, bought an RV and moved across the country to Jacksonville, Florida so I could resist government corruption, lies, and propaganda full time. I started out as a volunteer in the community. Then, after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, I felt I had to do more. When the solution proposed by the GOP was to arm teachers with guns, I decided to run for Congress, US House, to fight for gun control laws to keep ALL schools safe.

-Joceline Berrios

Now you can help us fight for gun control, fight for Dreamers, and fight against GOP lies, corruption, and assaults on our democracy. Vote, volunteer, donate.


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